Welcome to The Pet Professional

Qualified, trained and certified, The Pet Professional in Kent is unrivalled.
I am an experienced Canine Behaviourist offering professional pet care services to a select few. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, and a reputation for excellence and exclusivity, my business is a lifestyle choice and entirely transparent. I do not employ staff and have no pets of my own so there is no compromise to the quality of care your pets will receive.

In contrast with some commercial facilities and centres with large groups of dogs, I walk up to four dogs at a time myself, board one dog at a time in my own home, and provide specialist behavioural and training advice on a one-to-one basis in my clients’ homes.

The individual care your pets receive is unparalleled and my expertise as a Canine Behaviourist & Trainer provides you with a unique ‘one stop shop’ for your dog.

Located in Halstead, I also provide local pet sitting services for other pets as well as horses.

My selective portfolio of clients are guaranteed a dedicated, tailored and personalised service, and with relationships built on honesty and integrity, your trust is earned.