Services & Prices

We now fully understand that outdated ‘dominance’ and ‘pack leader’ concepts no longer have a place in modern day canine training, care & behaviour modification. Better, long-term results can be achieved using wholly compassionate methods and positive reinforcement techniques. Spending time with your best friend should be one of life’s greatest privileges, therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch for assistance with your dog’s unwanted behaviour.

Regarding my pet care services, you can rest assured that whether you are out overnight, on holiday, at work, having fun or just plain busy;
The Pet Professional is a hassle free solution and a responsible choice.

I understand that entrusting someone, and initially a stranger, with the care of your pet and home is not an easy decision. Therefore, prior to confirming any booking, I will meet you and your pet in your home, affording you the opportunity to meet me, ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. Your trust is earned and relationships are built on honesty
and integrity.

Following a free of charge, no obligation consultation, I will provide you with a booking form that you can return to me should you wish to make use of my services. It is that simple. A straightforward and effortless procedure includes making a note of all your pet’s particulars including emergency contacts, veterinary details and, of course, their likes
and dislikes.

Dog Boarding –
£30 per night

Dogs are highly sociable animals that require personalised care, supervision and attention, making this service the ideal modern day choice. I board only one dog at a time in my home, and with no pets of my own, there is no compromise to the quality of care your dog will receive. Located in Halstead, my home offers a peaceful environment in which your dog is free to enjoy all the comforts of a ‘home away from home’ including a large, secure garden adjoining
quiet countryside.

Whether you are out for a night or on holiday for several weeks, my unique boarding service offers you flexibility, freedom and choice. Leaving your dog should not be a heart-breaking experience and I believe that my dogs absolutely love the familiarity that my ‘holiday home’ provides them with. With two off-lead walks a day with ‘friends’ and weekend trips to include beaches & lakes, the dogs I love and care for adore returning for their holidays.

All dogs that board with me must be ideally suited to a home environment. Therefore, I am unable to board any dogs with separation anxiety, toileting issues, destructive tendencies or excessive vocalisation. All ‘boarding dogs’ must also be neutered and ‘people & dog friendly’.

As an ‘add on’ service to Dog Boarding in a quiet, stress free home environment, I am also able to offer you a ‘clean & tidy’ grooming service for an additional fee. This service includes a shampoo, condition, dry & brush as well as a ‘neat & tidy’ scissor trim to the face, feet & tail. A perfect ‘tie-over’ to your next full grooming session.

Dog Walking – £15
(1hr 30min service)

Running, exploring, and socialising with other dogs is the most natural, enjoyable and important part of your dog’s day. In a natural environment, healthy dogs would be active for the majority of the day and would almost never be without other dogs for company. Domestication has placed considerable restrictions on our dogs and, with our increasingly busy lives, behavioural issues often arise due to boredom, confinement and isolation from their own species. Canines are hardwired to be active and live among each other and it is often underestimated just how important this interaction, mental stimulation and exercise is.

My walking service is a professional service whereby a small group, of up to four compatible dogs, are walked together. Not only to ensure my maximum control, safety and attention, but also to make certain that they are interacting positively and ultimately enjoying their walk. Dogs behave differently in large groups and, like people, all have their own unique temperaments, social skill sets, energy levels, fears and insecurities. It is therefore essential that they walk with compatible companions, and I believe that my expertise as a Canine Behaviourist & Trainer not only ensures that all the dogs on my walk are well trained and socialised, but are also happy and safe.

All the dogs that I walk are also neutered, ‘people & dog friendly’ and collected & dropped off at home in my fully equipped vehicle, providing top of the range safety, comfort and hygiene.

Making use of Kent’s exceptional countryside and woodland; all dogs are walked off-lead and towel dried if wet & muddy, enabling you to return home ‘guilt free’ to a clean and content dog.

Canine Behaviour
& Training – £85

Canine behaviour is a broad and complex subject. There are often no ‘quick fixes’ or guarantees and eradicating unwanted behaviour at the source is imperative, thus making professional guidance and advice essential in order to be successful.

Understanding natural canine behaviour is the prerequisite for gaining perspective on aberrant behaviours, and realising just how much pressure domestication has placed on our pets puts it all
into context.

Without sound knowledge of practical and applied animal behavioural science, including welfare assessment, human psychology is our only frame of reference for communication with our dogs. But, of course, they are an entirely different species. Anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an animal) is very often where we go wrong.

I have strong ethical views on how to resolve behavioural issues and it has been proven over and over that fear, force or intimidation are neither justified, nor necessary, to modify behaviour in animals. Outdated ‘dominance reduction’ based theories and ‘pack leader’ mentality have now been replaced by kind, gentle and effective positive reinforcement techniques which instil confidence and trust in our dogs.

With our dogs in balance, emotionally & psychologically, training is just as important. Obedience training ensures our dogs’ safety and a harmonious coexistence with us in human society. Knowing you can take your companion anywhere in any environment not only strengthens your relationship but provides you with enjoyment & peace of mind.

Time efficient consultations are on a one-on-one basis in your home for convenience and value
for money.

Pet Sitting – £15

A Pet Sitting service in your own home is the perfect solution for species such as cats, who have complex territories and find it extremely traumatic to be taken out of their own environment. With as little disruption to their routine as possible avoiding unnecessary stress; modern day Pet Sitting involves taking care of your cat, rabbit, hamster, bird or fish, in the familiar and comforting surroundings of your own home.

Generally this daily service would include providing food and water, cleaning and replacement of bowls/bedding/litter, a basic health check and of course, treats & affection.

My Pet Sitting service also includes additional security and complimentary benefits, such as; checking in on your home while you are away, watering plants, regulating heating, tidying post, opening and closing curtains, switching lights on and off and giving your home an overall ‘lived in’ appearance, thus deterring crime and giving you peace of mind.

Your pet is unique and the service you receive from The Pet Professional is entirely personalised, therefore, if your cat enjoys Magic FM or your guinea pig only drinks Evian, this is precisely what will be provided.

Horse Care –
rate will vary

These magnificent animals gave me a gift early in life that has enabled me to return to working with them and, having owned ponies and horses of my own, I have years of equine experience to offer.

My horse care service can include anything from hanging up a hay net to hacking out, schooling, turning out and bringing in, rug changes, feeding/watering, grooming, mucking out or attendance for vet and farrier appointments.

Care for additional farm animals can also be provided and quoted on.